The first few ER visits by the Hans in 2016…

Dear Luqman Hans Harith & Sufyan Hans Helmy,

The dedication of writing this site to both of you is really to share a lot of great memories we have with both of you throughout your lives. But in some of the entries, we also included some challenging moments while raising you.  Your mummy can still recall that there are actually more challenges in the first 2 years of raising Luqman last time. There could be a few factors back then i.e. new at being parents, too much worry of a lot of things, we didn’t know our current paeditrician last time or simply no time to write the details of each event as different entry.

Being positive on this matter, it is rather a blessing in disguise to write just an entry to summarize a few unfortunate life events in 2016. So, here goes the summary:-

1- Luqman accidently step on a box cover and slipped causing a big bang on his chin
It was actually a day before our Penang trip in February 2016. It was just a normal night at home where your mummy was upstairs praying while your daddy was in the kitchen. Luqman fall very hard on the carpet after stepping on a box cover around 8pm. The cut was wide and he was really traumatized when we brought him to the nearby clinic. The clinic can’t do much and refer him to hospital instead. Hence, your mummy brought you to the ER of Tropicana Medical Center as you have all your medical record there. At the ER, two options were given – either to stitch it that night itself or admitted to hospital to stitch it in the operation theatre. Your mumy opted for the first option as all of us are all set for the Penang trip. Being a curious boy, you ask a lot of questions to clarify and you are really scared. We ended up forcing you for the bius injection where more than 3 people were holding you but the bed still move when the doctor injected you. Your mummy is sorry but we lied about the stitches (we told you that we are using gum) to close up your widetear under your chin. The area was not supposed to be exposed to water for a week plus, but you couldn’t resist the water during the Penang trip. So your parents bought a lot of dressing and frequently changed the dressing to ensure that the area is as dried as possible. Below are some of the photos around this life event:-

2- Sufyan had the worst food poisoning (salmonella) causing a week stay in the hospital
It started on a normal Friday’s evening where Sufyan started to vomit. We brought you to your normal paeditrician and she advised a lot on how to take care of you. We were able to control the situation the year before this where both of you were sick. But this time around, it was worse as Sufyan refused to drink a lot and vomit a lot. We brought him to ER of the nearby hospital (i.e. ParkCity Medical Center) on Sunday’s morning but the doctor send us back home to continue to give him water. Your mummy was feeling bad about it that we go again in the evening. Sufyan was so weak that they couldn’t find the vein to drip water due to too long dehydrated and too high fever. After bringing down the fever, the doctor is able to inject to drip water. Sufyan was so weak that he cried with tears but no energy to scream. It was heartbroken to see you but there were no other way. Even Luqman was crying when the doctor wanted to inject Sufyan. Luqman has been admitted to hospital a few times, but never for too long. Unfortunately for Sufyan, he stayed in the hospital for a week and even celebrated his 2 years old birthday in the hospital. He was injected a few times for blood samples as well where this time, he screamed loudly as it was really painful. The doctor even decided to inject another vein as the initial vein was already blocked due to too long on drip. Your daddy fight for you where your daddy encouraged you to drink a lot of water instead of another injection. You understood the deal and you are able to drink milk, ribena and eat donut the next day. Below are some of the photos while you are treated in the hospital:-

3- Luqman accidently hit a corner of a computer chair causing another cut at the side forehead
It was early September, a typical night spent of the boys playing balls with your daddy in the living room. Being too excited, Luqman fall and hit the corner of the chair and blood was coming out a lot as it was really a deep cut. Your mummy was actually in a call with your Atuk Ipoh while this is happening. We first went to a clinic nearby and the doctor was afraid to do anything as it involves the face. So the doctor refer you to a plastic surgeon at the nearby hospital – ParkCity Medical Center. We were prepared for the worst case where basically staying overnight in the hospital. Fortunately, the on call surgeon insisted to just glued it back as it was small cut even though a deep one. The doctor i.e. Dr Rica was very good with you that she instantly become you favorite doctor (after Dr Serena, of course). The approach taken by the doctor was very different where she first applied some ice pack around the area and motivated you to be brave like a lion when she put a magic at the cut area. She practiced a lot with you that you are able to find courage to be brave during the real bius injection. So not much forcing was involved, it was just the doctor and the nurse who hold you that time. Applying the glue after that was smooth and again you are not allowed to exposed the area to water. You ended up stop your swimming classes for a while and you have nice cover on your forehead during your graduation photo and your final year concert. With the glue approach, the baby skin that covers back the cut is still very fragile. Hence, we continue to cover the baby skin for a few months, just to be on the safe side. Below are the photos on this unfortunate event:-

May both of you be safe anywhere you are while enjoying your lives,
Mummy & Daddy


The Hans birthday celebrations in 2016…

Dear Luqman Hans Harith & Sufyan Hans Helmy,

Given that both of you are August babies, August has been a special month to celebrate both of you. This year however, we had the unfortunate event where Sufyan spent a whole week in hospital due to food poisoning (including the day he turned 2). After being discharged from the hospital, Sufyan stayed with your Daddy at Kuang for a week as there were some HFMD cases at the daycare. Luqman and your mummy visited and spent the night with the whole family every other day as the traveling is just too much.

During that time, your mummy was working hard to prepare for Luqman’s party packs for his friends during his birthday celebration at the school. Below are the party packs’ preparation photos before Luqman’s birthday.

For the cakes, Luqman requested Finding Dory and Angry Birds themes for his cake this year. Despite the busy weeks, your mummy were able to order the cakes just in time for the birthday party in the school on exactly the day of Luqman’s birthday, which is the 18th. All of Luqman’s friends are excited about the cakes as well as the party party packs.

After picking up Luqman from school that evening, your mummy & Luqman went to see your daddy and Sufyan to finally open the long awaited birthday gifts since the beginning of the year – the Lego sets. It was Luqman who are just into Lego so much that he decided that Sufyan should also get a Lego set. Below are the boys with their birthday gifts.

Since Luqman had a birthday party in the school, we felt so guilty of not doing that much for Sufyan. Hence, we decided to throw a small birthday party at home. It was a bit special for Sufyan as his previous babysitter’s family is also visiting our new house for the first time. Unfortunately on that day, Sufyan was a bit feverish to enjoy the party yet probably still trying to have fun time with the guests that day.

May both of you always remember to enjoy your birthdays with your loved ones,
Mummy & Daddy

The new home of the Hans – Eid hosting…

Dear Luqman Hans Harith & Sufyan Hans Helmy,

Both of you have always been excited whenever we have guests in the house. With the first time Eid celebration at our new home, we thought that it would be nice to have more people to come over. But this time around, we didn’t host any big open house, but we just invite smaller group of relatives and friends to come over on one of the weekend.

The first hosting was for the closed family on your daddy’s side – your grandparents – Atuk and Wan, your cousin Iman and family and Atuk Itam’s family. That day, both of you are already too excited since the morning even though we invited them later in the day. With a lot of open houses during Eid in Malaysia, the guests were late. Hence, both of you got bored and below are some photos of you guys started to creatively redesign the living sofa:-

Once the guests have arrived, Luqman was being very friendly host to ensure that the children are having fun with the toys and enjoy each other company to eat the food at the designated children area. Here are some of the children activities:-

Thanks to Luqman for offering the help to entertain the children, the adults are also able to enjoy the food and share stories at the dining area as below:-

The second hosting was for your mummy’s friends – you might or might not remember them, but we always have some annual eating cum catch up activities since we know each other. This time, the hosting is a potluck style and the nicest food was tomato rice by Aunty Azie. As usual, all of us are pretty loud and Luqman will always nag about it. But since it’s a once a year meet up, we can’t help to be excited to exchange stories about each other. So, we hope that eventually both of you will get use to these future meet ups. Below are some of Eid hosting photos with them:-

May both of you have good company of your families and friends to enjoy food and share life moments with each other,
Mummy & Daddy

The new home of the Hans – Exploring around…

Dear Luqman Hans Harith & Sufyan Hans Helmy,

The start of our new journey at the new home has been challenging from the health perspective, but we are trying our best to make it a more positive environment for both of you. Although the new area is different, it can always and still be fun as long as we spend the time with each other. One of nearest area that we like to visit during our first few months there was a park at the Desa Park City area.

The park was pretty big for a nice family walk. On one of the nice weekend morning, we decided to go for a walk there. Below is the summary of the walk:-
1- Luqman brings along his scooter while we bring along one of the stroller for Sufyan. Below is both of you are all set for the morning walk:-

2- There is a playground in the park, we headed there first to try out the big swing but our goal that day is really to explore the whole park using the jogging/walking path:-

3- Since it’s a private area, some of the visitors bring along their dogs for a walk. Luqman was too afraid to pass by every dog we met along the day, hence he only rides the scooter for half of the park. Sufyan on the other hand loves animal by default, hence he will just say hi to the dogs and calm enough whenever he passes by the dogs. Below is Luqman taking a walk by his scooter before he complained that he is too tired where he then settled for a sit on the stroller:-

4- Sufyan has been eyeing for the scooter for while that morning. So he is more than happy to let Luqman to sit on the stroller while he is enjoying the scooter ride around the park. Below are a few of Sufyan’s scooter moments:-

5- Before we end our morning walk for breakfast, we spend time watching a small pond and river at the park. We spotted a big frog and Sufyan was never a fan of a frog, hence below are the boys’ moment looking for the frog to scare Sufyan off:-

May you have your own place that is as nice as the ones in Desa Park City to enjoy lives surrounded by both nice people and environment,
Mummy & Daddy

The new home of the Hans – the beginning…

Dear Luqman Hans Harith & Sufyan Hans Helmy,

We started to live in our Saujana Utama house when your mummy was heavily pregnant with Luqman in 2010. Starting 2014, Luqman has been traveling a lot with your mummy on daily basis since we started to send him to a kindergarten in Bandar Utama. It was a very tiring journey for both of us to go out when it is still dark and reach home again when it is nearly dark. But it is for a good cause to ensure that Luqman is able to pick up English language. Your daddy has also been traveling a long journey on daily basis, risking his life everyday on motorcycle to avoid the typical traffic jam to KL.

As we were thinking more about Luqman’s primary school, a better choice was to move to nearer area in between Bandar Utama and KL. We finally bought another house almost late 2015, this time it is just condominium named Scenaria at Bukit Segambut with the commercialized name of North Kiara. Since earlier this year, your daddy was so busy with the new house on every weekend to ensure that we are able to move in as planned. While daddy was busy at the new house, your mummy typically plan a simple water plays at our current house in Saujana Utama. Below is the last water play session that we have there:-

With too long time spent preparing the new house, we always ensure we still have some quality time with both of you at night with your daddy. Sushi dinner at Setia City Mall has been our favorite spot, below are your happy sushi moments:-

Finally by the start of Apr 2016, the time has come for us to move on to the new chapter of our lives. We finally moved in to a new house, which is smaller in comparison to our terrace house. Yet, it is still spacious enough for you guys to have fun around the house. The first month at the new house, both of you were sick as the common area were still dusty due to many on-going renovations. We also continue to have frequent visits for a few months to the nearby Ikea to slowly buy additional things to create a more comfortable house for our family. Below are the memories of the first few months at the new house:-

We then started to invite some of our closed relatives and friends to our new home. The swimming pool time has been the favorite activity as children can never be bored with water. Below are quite some water play time at our Olympic size swimming pool:-

May both of you create nice memories in Scenaria for a lot more years to come,
Mummy & Daddy

The first Penang trip of the Hans – Penang Hill

Dear Luqman Hans Harith & Sufyan Hans Helmy,

Since this Penang trip was just a short trip over the weekend, we didn’t plan to visit too many places as the hotel is already nice and we just want a relaxing vacation. But we thought it would be nice to go to one of the main attractions in Penang and we chose the Penang Hill. Both of your parents can’t really recall whether we’ve been there ourselves, so in a way it was the first time for all of us.

Below are some of the key highlights while visiting Penang Hill:-
1- Both of you are excited about the cable car. The queue was short, still both of you are waiting impatiently for the cable car to come.

2- While in the cable car, Luqman was having quite some discussion with your daddy on the view and how the cable car works.

3- Sufyan on the other hand was struggling with the change of altitude that he fall asleep in both journeys of going up and down.

4- When we reached the top, there is not much of activities that we can do other than enjoying the top view and taking photos around there. Being the active boys, those activities are pretty boring. Hence, we didn’t stay long up there and the weather was getting hotter and hotter.

May both of you get more chances to visit more hills either in Malaysia or around the world to appreciate God’s nature,
Mummy & Daddy

The first Penang trip for the Hans – the hotel…

Dear Luqman Hans Harith & Sufyan Hans Helmy,

This Penang trip was meant to be a nice break as the whole family needs it. Hence, your mummy has surveyed a few options and decided for all us to stay a the Hard Rock Hotel Penang. It turned out to be the right choice as we enjoyed the stay and the facilities there. For some of them, we didn’t manage to capture the moments, simply because we are enjoying the real moments together.

Below are our key activities at the hotel:-
1- The pool time including the beach walk
Our room was facing the pool, hence both of you are eyeing the pool from the moment we reached. To avoid the hot weather, we always settled for the evening pool time. The children water play section was nice especially the slides. The whole pool set up was also nice where you can experience the sand walking and there are few section of pool with different depth. The hotel also comes with the private beach next to the pool. So, we also go for a quick walk by the beach where Sufyan was not too comfortable when there are too many sand going into his slippers.

2- The children playroom
It was rather a small playroom but still, both of you spent quite some time to play there. There weren’t any other kids, hence the worker was kind enough to give some free gifts before we went back to the hotel room.

3- The hotel room and lobby
As expected, the room is well designed in line with the Hard Rock concept. The room size was okay-ish given that we always have some outdoor activities. The nights was pretty lively where they have some guest singer singing live at the lobby. Your daddy enjoy the shows during one of the night while both of you are just too tired with the full activities during the day.

May both of you get more chances to enjoy more quality family time at more hotels in the future,
Mummy & Daddy

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